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Gatto Cocolanda’s first day in Bangalore, and he took over my work.

Thanks to him, the traffic decreased in my area. People simply stopped taking the road which he crossed.

Shout Out & Thanks

I am indebted to:

  • My Non- MtDNA related Grandma Poopanda Awaya and her love, care and knowledge about flora and fauna of Coorg.
  • Gatto Cocolanda – who traveled all the way from Coorg to Bangalore, to teach me a lesson or two about life and turbulence. Thanks for the mauling & cozying. R.I.P Buddy.
  • My¬†friend Krishne Gowda for his¬†encouragement, discussions and denials.
  • The warm lady who served me a full course Coorg Meal fit for a King, which made me feel like Haleri King for a day and took me right back into history.
  • Lt. Col Kongetira Ponnappa
  • Muccatira Devaiah
  • My sworn enemy – my sister. And her ignorance.
  • My other Cats & Everyone who should be on the list, but forgot to mention.
Thank you for stopping by,
Chiku Cocolanda

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